Dimitar Berbatov has been widely praised for his performance in our 2-0 victory over Blackburn yesterday. It was his goal that put United ahead in the second half after receiving the ball with his back to goal but expertly turning and slotting it in to the corner.

He is pleased that our patient play paid off and confesses of the relief he feels whenever we score.

“In the first half I had a couple of chances to score, and you need to be patient and when another chance comes along you have to score it, and I was very glad to score my chance,” said Berbatov. “Then Wayne Rooney scored another and that was it finished for Blackburn. We were relieved because they are a difficult team to play against. Every time when you score a goal you are relieved because you feel you’ve done something special and that was the case for me.”

With Chelsea thrashing all their opponents of late, Berbatov reckons the three points are more important than the number of goals you score.

“One-nil is a good result, as long as you finish it that way,” he added. “If it’s three-nil or four-nil, it doesn’t matter. As long as we keep winning I think everybody will be happy.”