Dimitar Berbatov’s character has been questionable since his sulking with Spurs, but I think he may have taken it a step too far now.

When a fan thrust a Manchester United shirt in his face, Berbatov happily signed it. Just seems lacking in class to me. Can you imagine if Cristiano Ronaldo had been signing Real Madrid shirts a couple of weeks back?

“I was gobsmacked when he took the shirt and signed it,” said an onlooker. “He didn’t have any problems with it at all. If I was one of Berbatov’s team-mates or a fan, I’d be furious. It is incredibly disrespectful — he may as well have kissed the United badge.”

Kiss the badge? No doubt he will be doing in a few weeks time…

Here are the pictures from The Sun of Berbatov signing a Manchester United shirt.

What do you think?