Dimitar Berbatov is making all the right noises at the moment, showing his faith in our squad to be successful and his personal desire for more trophies at the club.

“I told the boys in the dressing room, ‘you have already won the Champions League and Premier League’. The only one who hasn’t is me,” Berbatov said. “I really want to win those trophies so I can say to the other players ‘I am one of you’. We are a strong team and we all support each other. We know how to react after defeats. International breaks are sometimes difficult, because you have two games and you come back and can be a little bit tired; then you have a game immediately after that. But that’s our job – there’s no need to complain. Everything is possible. If you believe and have faith, and you really want it, it can happen. We need to believe in our quality and our ability. I think the gaffer will know the right encouragement to give us to prepare for the games we have. We will stay strong to the end.”