Dimitar Berbatov scored his first league goal and his first goal at home against West Brom yesterday. The ball came to him at speed and a simply reflex finish saw the net bulging and United 3-0 up.

Berbatov has spoken about his delight at scoring at Old Trafford, how Ferguson told them what to do to win, and Wayne Rooney’s brilliant form.

“It was a nice goal and I was really delighted to score in front of the home crowd,” said Berbatov. “Hopefully there will be more to come.”

Going in 0-0 at half time, following Rooney’s wrongly disallowed goal, United managed to score four goals in the second half, which takes us to fourth in the table on goal difference, with a game in hand. Berbatov reflected on the nature of the game, saying Fergie helped them turn the match around with his half time team talk.

“There are often games like that,” Berbatov added. “In the first half you try hard to score but it doesn’t work. Then at half-time, you have some good words from the manager – he tells you what to do exactly and what the weak points of the opposition are. You try to listen, we did listen and we scored four goals.”

Rooney scored and assisted two others, which Berbatov believes will have a positive effect on everyone.

“I think he’s enjoying his game right now and that’s not only good for him, it’s good for everybody, especially the fans,” said Berbatov.

“Our partnership is improving. We’re constantly working at it on the training ground, trying to understand each other without even looking. Sometimes it works – today’s result proves it.”