Liverpool FC were ever so proud to see their striker, Fernando Torres, wearing their scarf as he celebrated in the dressing room with the World Cup. They claimed it was the best sight they would see all year (let’s face it, Thursday nights on Channel 5 is their highlight for the continuation of 2010), particularly consider the striker has refused to commit his future to the club after plenty of speculation he is ready for a move following Liverpool’s dismal season and failure to win anything in Torres’ time at the club.

The club’s official website desperately claimed that the picture of him wearing their scarf meant that he “loved” the club and was “nailing his colours to the mast.”

“Fernando Torres showed football fans across the globe how much he loves Liverpool by parading the World Cup while wearing a Reds scarf. The striker made sure his colours were nailed to the mast as photographers from media outlets around the planet captured Spanish celebrations.”

Embarrassingly for them, when Torres paraded the World Cup in Spain the following day, he was wearing an Atletico Madrid scarf, nailing his old colours to the mast.

Cringe. The players around him either wore their national flags or no scarves at all, whilst Torres chose to tie an Atletico scarf around his wrist for when he lifted the World Cup trophy. D’oh.

Pepe Reina didn’t associate himself with former club Villarreal or Barcelona and David Silva wasn’t interested in the wearing the scarf of former club Valencia. In fact, even the players who currently play in Madrid, like Casillas, Albiol, Alonso, Arbeloa and Ramos, wore nothing associated with their clubs. Unsurprisingly, the official Liverpool website were less keen to publish photos of their star striker ‘showing fans across the globe just how much he loves… Atletico Madrid’.

During the same celebrations, Cesc Fabregas, who is another Premiership player failing to commit himself to his current club and unable to deny his desire to return to Barcelona, was pictured wearing a Barcelona shirt.

Puyol and Pique ambushed him when this picture was taken, forcing the shirt over his head, but it is clear what conversations Fabregas has been having with his Spanish team mates this summer for such an act to take place.

In the past, we’ve seen Adebayor wearing an Arsenal t-shirt after he signed for City, Essien posing in an Arsenal shirt with a fan, Carlos Tevez wearing a United shirt at a Corinthians press conference, Paul Ince posing in a United shirt for the paper before his sale from West Ham had been confirmed… anyone else?