Dimitar Berbatov is likely to get his Manchester United debut this weekend in one of the biggest games of the season. Following his brilliant scoring record over the past four years, United fans are right to have high hopes of what he can achieve in a team of our quality.

Whilst his personality has been criticised in the past, with people claiming he is too mardy and sulky, Berbatov insists that even though he’s been guilty of arrogance, he relies on his good upbringing to keep him grounded.

“I’ve done many stupid things because of my stubbornness, only because I didn’t want to listen to my parents’ advice,” Berbatvo said. “And then it always turned out that they were right. My father always told me not to be swell-headed. He repeated that so often that it still helps me. When I realise I give myself airs, the red light in my head flashes. Many times I was ashamed because of some of the things I had done. I have paraded with the fact that I’m Dimitar Berbatov. Then I always heard my dad’s voice in my head.”

Berbatov then went on to talk about his religious beliefs, claiming that he takes the Bible with him everywhere he goes, and doesn’t swear.

“I am religious and I take The Bible everywhere with me,” he continued. “There are many good pieces of advice for those like me in The Bible. I don’t swear in my daily life. My every second words are NOT da mu eba maikata (fuck your mother). This is a matter of good upbringing. I try to do everything with style – not only in football. If I manage to give any positive examples for young people, then that is great. To be honest, sometimes I lose my temper when I am on the pitch. I even shout at my team-mates too much and then they are a bit angry. But this is who I am. I often tell them, ‘Dudes, no problem, you can shout at me if there is something! I won’t be angry. When the game is over, it’s over.’ But some of them take it to heart and are angry with me. They don’t realise this is the way I release the stress.”

Maybe it’s time Rooney hung out with Berbatov…