“Take me home United road” has become a popular song at Old Trafford over years gone by, so much so, someone had the bright idea of letting an American sing it over a cheesy country and western nineties sounding track, resembling the original “Country Roads” by John Denver. It’s good for getting the Old Trafford crowd going, I suppose, and on the last day of the season, it was sung loudly.

However, now the track is being played at the beginning of every game, and it stinks of desperation. We got the American to come in and sing it live before the United vs Chelsea game, and it left me cringing. As the massive flag travelled across the Stretford End, organised by SEF, showing the picture of Giggs and Neville lifting the trophy, the song was deafening. “Come on y’all,” he said, clapping his hands above his head in time to the music. “One more time, Old Trafford,” and launched in the chorus again. It was pretty painful, if I’m honest.

It was no lot ago that Ferguson was dead keen on getting an “anthem” introduced to Old Trafford, and had his heart set on “The Impossible Dream.” This never caught on, with the idea of forcing an anthem, or creating an anthem, entirely unpopular with the United crowd. Although now it seems as though Ferguson has got his way, with this cheesy country and western song blaring out of the speakers before kick off every week.

I appreciate the sentiment, and I love the crowd singing “United Road”, but not over this crass dance/country record. The sooner this idea gets binned, the better!

“I was born to be United
Daddy told me when I was just a baby
When I was five I went down he Warwick Road
Now I’m addicted to the only place I’ll go.

Take me home United Road
To the place I belong
To Old Trafford to see United
Take me home United Road

All my memories, Bobby Charlton
Georgie Best and Cantona
They came to us from heaven
Then in the Nou Camp in 1999
On Matt Busby’s birthday
It was party time.”