City have spent decades despising United because of our money. Their only response to seeing us lift trophy after trophy, whilst they won fuck all, was that we were ‘buying’ our success. Blackburn, Newcastle and Chelsea have all proven that it’s not possible to buy success, not for the long term anyway, but the bitters would have none of it.

They jumped at the chance to get a bit of money though, a chance at buying their own success, so much so that they welcomed ‘a human rights abuser of the worst kind’ with open arms.

Now it looks as though Kaka might just be convinced to play for City, being bribed with £2 million a month to do so and Noel Gallager continues their stance. Who cares about morals as long as we can get a bit of a taste of United’s glory?

“Fuck morals,” started Gallagher. “Fuck Arsene Wenger and his socialist football nonsense. Fuck all that bollocks about the club losing its identity. What identity? The fact that we’ve been skint for 30 years? Looks like the Sheiks are starting to put their money where their mouths are. So it looks like Robinho really was just the start! Colossal amounts of money are being talked about. Obscene, some have said. Sir Alex Ferguson’s face was a picture in his press conference yesterday though. That in itself was worth £100m. He looked shell-shocked.”