A penalty shoot out decided that Manchester United are the Champions of Europe. After completely dominated play in the first 45 minutes, with chances that should have seen us go in 3-1 up at half time, Chelsea had the better display in the second half.

Their goal came in the flukiest of circumstances, with the ball taking two deflections to take it to the path of Lampard, who put it past Van der Sar who had slipped.

Chelsea hit the woodwork on two occasions, whilst Petr Cech made a succession of great saves, and John Terry headed off the line.

Granted, Chelsea had the better play in the second half, but never dominated the game like they were dominated in the first half.

Nobody likes to see a game decided on penalties, but there was so little between the teams on the night that a shoout out was the only way to decide on the winner. Based on the football played, United were the better side, and as for clear cut goalscoring opportunities, they were fairly evenly matched.

However, Frank Lampard, who scored Chelsea’s goal, believes his side were clearly the better one and have been robbed by United.

“It’s a small, small detail that has cost us the game,” Lampard said. “If John hadn’t slipped when he was taking the penalty we’d have won the game. We deserved to win. Nobody could deny we didn’t. We completely dominated the game and created countless chances. The best team didn’t win.”

Boo fucking hoo. He couldn’t sound more bitter if he tried. Love it!