The Premiership season is over, for the teams at the top at least, yet Rafael Benitez still can’t manage to at least pretend to be a man of dignity. When asked if he wanted to pass on his congratulations to Sir Alex Ferguson and the team for wrapping up the league, Benitez didn’t have the decency in him to do so.

“I will say congratulations to Manchester United,” said the FSW. “They have done well, but I do not want to say too much. I prefer just to say well done to the club, a big club, a good club. Normally you have to be polite and respect the other manager. During the season we have seen a lot of things that I didn’t like, so that’s it. I say congratulations to United because they have won. And that’s it.”

Benitez’s pathetic behaviour makes the title success that bit sweeter. Cheers!

18 times and that’s a FACT! 18 times and that’s a FACT!