Amidst rumour after rumour being posted on the RoM Forum concerning Ronaldo’s future, a fellow Red posted a rather entertaining link from Red and White Kop, the forum for the dippers. Whilst I thought our thread on the Ronaldo situation was updated regularly, nothing can beat the thread they are running. Like one of the scousers commented, it’s like Sky Sports news over there, with every story, every rumour and every comment posted as soon as it’s made its way on to the internet.

If you needed further proof that our enemies were suffering from an inferiority complex, here it is.

“It may even affect other big players going to United. Why go to a club where the paranoid psychotic who passes for a manager will refuse to let you leave if it doesn’t suit him. Players move between the big clubs all the time and Ferguson is deluded if he thinks he can continue to behave the way he does.”

Yes, why would a big player go to a club whose manager has won 10 league titles, 2 European Cups and 4 FA Cups in the past 16 years? They’d be mad to, surely!

“Got a bit bored at work today so I decided to calculate where in the league the mancs would’ve finished if Ronaldo wasn’t there, by taking away his goals in each game, and adjusting the points. It’s not accurate as such because that would mean the mancs had 10 men for each game, and another player could’ve chipped in with goals, but its nice reading. They ended up 6th with 62 points, missing out on the CL spot of course, and Tevez was there top scorer with 14 goals.”

Without Ronaldo, our highest scorer would be Tevez with 14 goals, 9th in the league. After him is Rooney, with 12 goals, 11th in the league. Without Torres, Liverpool’s highest scorer would be Gerrard with 11 goals, 13th in the league (behind both Tevez and Rooney). After him is Crouch, with 5 goals, 54th in the league. I suppose now would be a bad time to mention that Louis Saha, who played in just 17 league games this season, (5 of them from the start, 2 of them for 90 minutes) scored as many goals as the lanky one. Ouch. Right there is the difference between us and them. United never have been and never will be dependent on just one or two players.

“The scum will slip to 3rd or 4th place next season without him. The one man team they are.”

Yeh, a one man team with the best defensive record in the league and 3 scorers in the top 11 in the Premiership this season. What? Did I miss all the effort Ronaldo put in to his defensive duties this season?

“Regardless of what happens this whole saga is making my summer!”

I suppose the scousers really are resigned to another trophyless season, if speculation over Ronaldo leaving overshadows any of their potential signings and pre-season stories.

“Funny as fuck this, don’t agree with those who are bored with round the clock is he going or not. Fergies summer is fucked, the C/L win has lost it’s shine etc etc. Hope it drags on and on, then the little fucker leaves. Replacing a 40 goal a season player at short notice won’t be easy, and Giggs and Scholes are getting on a bit……good times ahead maybe?”

Yeh dippers, next year is your year!… Just like last year, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before, and every other year until we travel back to 18 years ago when you were last crowned the best side in England. Who wants to break it to them that Scholes only played in 24 out of 38 (less than 2/3) of our league games this season and that Nani (who scored our 3rd against them this season) is a ready made replacement for Giggs?

“Rafa should try and buy him just for a laugh – well give you £50m for him etc just for the sake of taking the piss. Even funnier if Ronaldo thinks it would be a good move.”

But the joke is on you. Why on earth would Ronaldo consider it a good move to leave a team that has just won the league back to back as well as the European Cup, for a team that hasn’t won the league in 18 years and weren’t even the best team in Liverpool when they won the Champions League?

“Viva Ronaldo, Viva Ronaldo, He’s a cunt, A big, fat, smelly, greasy, diving, shithouse of a cunt, Viva Ronaldo.”


However, I don’t want to completely right them off, there were a few on there with sense. It would be unfair to sell them all short based on the opinions of the majority over there.

After the comment that Gerrard is “a loyal non-money grabbing player as opposed to Ronaldo”, one dipper with sense mentions the fact that Steven Gerrard, their beloved captain, has handed in transfer requests with the hope of joining Chelsea for the money. The other fans are quick to berate him, snapping back that at least Gerrard didn’t leave. Funny that, considering Ronaldo hasn’t left United either. One dipper says that Gerrard “wouldnt dream of leaving us in the summer after we’d won the double.” But we know Gerrard did dream of leaving less than 2 months after winning the Champions League.

Thankfully, United fans have always known that Ronaldo isn’t here for life. We enjoy watching him play, we can be grateful for his hand in our success, but we’ve never relied on him to be here forever. If the likes of Gary Neville, Ryan Giggs or Paul Scholes had handed in transfer requests at their peak, I’d have been gutted. These are United lads through and through, with most Liverpool fans still kidding themselves that their captain feels as strongly about their club as our youth team products do about our club. But put it this way, there won’t be any United fans burning Ronaldo’s shirt outside Old Trafford.

Another says, “We all know that even without Ronaldo the Mancs wouldn’t have finished 6th. Somebody else would have stepped up to the plate.”

In response to one of them saying we’re fucked if we sell him, another says, “What a load of bullshit.”

Another agrees. “This talk of “they’ll be lucky to make 4th next year” is just blinkered rubbish.”

Credit where it’s due, they’re not all so blinded by their hatred and bitterness towards us.

So, if this Ronaldo business is getting you down, remember the wise words of a chant dedicated to our South Korean. It could be worse, we could be scouse…