Daley Blind has spoken about how well he has settled in to life at Manchester United after making the transition from Ajax.

“I think I have settled in well,” he told MUTV. “We did some [social] stuff with the boys off the pitch and they were very nice and I feel very good with them. Not just with the other players but also the staff and the people in Manchester. I am happy. There are some differences of course. This club is much bigger than Ajax, they are a big club of course but United are [famous] around the whole world. There’s more pressure here but it’s the same in Holland if you don’t win a game, you’ll get people complaining. The biggest difference is that Manchester United is known all over the world, we’re such a big club. The Premier League is the big difference with the atmosphere and the stadiums, it’s what I’m excited about. The Premier League is big, it’s harder and it’s faster and I’m really excited for every game, especially the home games as I get very excited about walking on the pitch.”