A couple of months ago we were cruising to our eighteenth league title. A win against Liverpool would have seen us go ten points clear with a game in hand. It seemed too good to be true… and it was.

However, not just for the neutral, but for our fans too, the season has been made so much more interesting. Had we continued onwards and upwards, beating Liverpool and making it impossible for anyone to catch us, I could have watched that 4-4 thriller last night and not really cared less. I would have had a bit of a chuckle at both teams’ expense, scoring four goals but still not winning, but it wouldn’t have meant a thing.

Instead, with every goal that went in, it had an effect on me. I was chuffed to bits to see Arsenal take the lead then desperately disappointed when Liverpool turned it around to 2-1. Then as the goals came thick and fast, every effort on goal stood to have an impact on our title chase. Whilst of course it would have been nice for Arsenal to hang on to their 4-3 lead, I’d have taken a draw at the start of the game.

We now are second in the league on goal difference with the potential to go six points clear if we win our games in hand. Of course, it’s a big if, regardless that the games come against Portsmouth and Wigan, because I can’t trust United to do anything at the moment! Still, we’re in a much more favourable position today and I feel excited. I’m looking forward to sitting in my seat tonight ahead of kick-off and I can’t wait to see the lads line up. I’m desperate for the feeling of the first goal and I want us to be clear out ahead singing “We shall not be moved!”.

Had we beaten Liverpool and Fulham, the season would be dead and buried now. Whilst of course I want us to win the league and I’d take us wrapping it up in February over an exciting end to the season where we lose out on it, I enjoy the butterflies.

I want three points today but most importantly I want a performance. I want them to come out and fucking batter Portsmouth and have all the media kiss our arses again. I’d happily take scraping a 1-0 as well, if it meant three points in the bag, but I really hope we send out the right message tonight.

So, come on lads, make us proud, and get one of our hands firmly back on the trophy!