It was a shock during the summer of 1995 when the manager decided to sell Mark Hughes, Paul Ince and Andrei Kanchelskis all at once. We made £14 million from the sales and our expectations were of a big signing or two coming in.

When we learnt that those kids from the youth team were to be taking their place, there were more than a few raised eyebrows, particularly from Alan YSB Hansen.

Gary Pallister has reflected on that time, claiming that Ince was hurt when he had to leave the club. Boo fucking hoo.

“I know he was hurt when he had to leave the club and the rest of the squad were quite shocked as well,” said Pallister. “He left under a bit of a cloud in the end. And then the manager called him a big-time Charlie — but that was just Incey. He’s always been a typical Cockney, brash and loud and quite an abrasive character. Him and the manager have since made up and there’s a respect there now but Incey will be desperate to get one over on him. It’s his first opportunity to do it and if there’s ever a good time to play United it’s now because they’ve got injuries and have had a disrupted start to the season.”

Ince tipped himself for the manager’s job at United, ahead of our match against his current team Blackburn. Pallister doesn’t seem to have any problem with that.

“He’s just starting out as a manager but I know he’ll want to go as far as he possibly can,” he added. “The United job is something that would appeal to him.”

Has the world gone mad?? Why has everyone forgotten what he did at Anfield? We wouldn’t touch him with a barge pole.