It is getting more difficult to watch United because it is difficult to be able to come up with something novel that we do badly when we are consistently so bad in what we do every week. It is what you usually see – a barrage of shots on our goal, poor play in and out of possession but this time we were able to come out with a draw. This rendition was Solanke and Kluviert profiting off our paucity in football with Bruno Fernandes returning to his older form of managing to get a goal out of nothing – a strike after a deflection in the box and a penalty, that was actually harsh on Bournemouth. Season is coming to a slow halt and it is everything the manager and players deserve.

Circulatory Circus

A weapon can be used on the defensive or when you need to look for something. Good circulatory play is one of those things. Being able to circulate the ball so the opponent is worn out and gaps start to open up that you can punch through the lines with much better ease or when you need to regain control of the game as you are under the cosh. Unfortunately, this is a United team that is simply unable to pass well enough to engage in any of these situations.

The first half was one of those occasions where the team were under it for all of it but the wherewithall to put together a few passes and have the consciousness to starve a team built on pressing of the ball was not there. To be honest, you have to get the ball under control to be able to do that and that is something the whole team found extremely difficult throughout the game. Garnacho’s was the most notable as it led to the first goal but Casemiro, once again, and others led in that regard as well. The Argentine’s main problem was the fact he was too intent on taking more touches than he needed to do things that could have been done much quicker. The pitch was not the best, with Kambwala’s footing for the first goal a big testament to that, but it was still not an excuse for what we saw. It is a problem that has been alluded to by Ten Hag multiple times throughout the season – the lack of ability to not force a pass when the opportunity to restart and build again.

The second half was where we were behind and we needed to keep the ball to shift the Cherries’ block from side to side but all too often, the pass was being kicked into asunder without any care or attention. Nothing sums that up more than the fact that when Man Utd were able to get back into the game through Bruno’s penalty, Bournemouth dominated possession for the next 15 mins after that. 64% to 36% and it was mainly because of the fact that United were looking long far too often. The fact that it was Mainoo or Amad who were looking for the extra pass or recycling the ball when they were two of the younger players is the strange experience you get when you watch Man Utd. It should be Bruno or Casemiro trying to calm it down were launching it in behind for Rashford and Hojlund to seemingly latch onto.

Young Troubles

Kambwala had quite the come down from last week’s high of the Liverpool performance. The two goals he had a hand in – the first a direct one as he was second to a ball he should have been there for, to which he slipped and slid as he tried to recover for his mistake. The second was a mix up between himself, Garnacho and Dalot where Kluviert was left in an ocean of space to be able to take his shot on goal. However, he was able to recover as he played an important part in the first goal and found it a little more comfortable in the second, even if he faced an anxious end where he thought he might have conceded a penalty.

Garnacho had a much less favourable afternoon. To be fair to the young winger, this was his 32nd consecutive start and he is still a teenager. His poor touch led to the first and his lack of engagement or cover behind him. He was involved in the first Fernandes goal but he was poor in and out of possession. His sub after half time was a clear admission from Ten Hag that he may have been pushed a start too far however, it is undoubted he would be starting in the semi final next week. The fluctuations are to be expected with these two and it is something we just have to deal with.