Wayne Rooney has claimed that the reason why he wants to leave Manchester United is because he has not been given the assurances he wanted abiut the future of the squad.
He claims in a meeting with David Hill last week not enough was said to convince him that we’d be adequately strengthening the squad.

He also claims to be surprised by some of the things Sir Alex Ferguson said yesterday, although acknowledges that the manager is a genius and he owes him a lot.

Rooney also references ‘recent difficulties’ between himself and the manager.

A popular reaction to this is to blame the Glazers, but that would be letting Rooney get off lightly. If we were to match rumoured potential wages of 200-250k, would Rooney sign a contract? This is an issue of his personal greed.

Ozil, Van Der Vaart and Sneijder, amongst others, have all been on the market at prices we could afford. Should we then blame Fergie for Rooney wanting to leave? Should we blame his whore? His wife?

If this was a matter of winning things, he will sign for Chelsea. But he will sign for City because it’s a matter of money.

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