I’m currently out of the country so it will be difficult for me to write at length or in any way that could accurately convey what today’s news feels like on my mobile.

I, like too many reds, was naive where Wayne Rooney is concerned. I honestly believed that when he kissed our badge and repeatedly spoke of his desire to see his career out with us it was because he got Manchester United. I thought he was appreciative of the honour of wearing our shirt. The league titles, European Cup, other medals and pay packet helped, but I honestly thought our club mattered to him.

Yes, he betrayed Everton, but that was about his career. They were fighting relegation and he wanted to win the Premiership. His Everton betrayal, whilst painful for the fans, was understandable. But what can United fans console themselves with?

Turns out that, whilst he has probably enjoyed being a red, earning top dosh is far more important to him than wearing our shirt. I voiced my total disappointment in his behaviour off the pitch recently, but the counter argument from many was he is a great player and he loves United.

So, once you’ve got your head around the idea your hero is a total cock, you then have to contemplate the future. Chelsea are the only club where he would conceivably win more trophies but he won’t move to London, just like he won’t move to Madrid or Barcelona. Time to face the probability of him joining City.

This morning I thought the manager could and should.win him round. Since watching the press conference I’ve changed my tune. The manager, who looked desperately upset, used the word ‘adamant’ when talking about Rooney’s stance on leaving. Any player who is desperate to leave has to go, particularly if their motivation is City’s money. Even reading comments from some of the ABU journos, they cannot believe that or understand why Rooney would want to do such a thing. Carlos Tevez’s biggest motivation was money and he had to go. Same applies to Wayne.

He conned his wife and family, so it should surprise us that he would be capable of doing the same to us, and all fans in this country. If ever you thought there was a player who was in it for the love of the game, it was him. The massive reaction to this is because of the shock. Nobody thought that he would forsake United for more money. But he has.

Some fans say we should support him regardless, with the hope he will change his mind. The manager has said he will leave the door open for him so maybe the fans should do the same. He’s a massively important player, far more than Beckham or Ruud, so we should sing his name and hope to remind him of how well loved he’s been here. I can understand that point of view but I do not agree. He does not have ky support and if not for the fact it would significantly reduce his transfer fee, I’d say he should never wear our shirt again. Those who read the blog regularly will know how hard that is for me to say, given how fond of him I’ve been. But like the Barca fans told Figo upon his return with Real Madrid, we hate you so much because we loved you so much.

Get him sold in January and see who we can lure in January. Hopefully Spurs don’t make it through the group stages and we could get Modric and/or Bale, whilst monitoring Sneijder’s contract talks. They’re not strikers but we have a far more pressing gap in our squad than forwards.

And then we can await the Rooney and Tevez partnership bearing fruits at Wastelands. It will hurt and the bluenoses will rub it in, but that will have to be tolerated.

Being a Manchester United fan beats anything though, lest you forget. This is a dark day but it’s not the end. We’ll never die.

Just like Becks, Ruud, and the rest, Wayne will one day write in his book or tell the press what a massive mistake it was to leave United, just like we can regret all the love and support we showed this cunt.

Wayne Rooney RIP.

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