After being interview by Sky Sports after our 3-2 win over Liverpool, Dimitar Berbatov gave an interview with a Bulgarian TV network in his native tongue.

Here is the translation, with Berbatov being referred to as Mitko, the name he is known by in his home country.

Mitko you have had a troubled time…

I wouldn’t say troubled. I am not troubled. I am lucky. I have loved my time here.

A disappointing time. Would you say that?

I was disappointed with myself that I could not please all the supporters. I have said before the people of Manchester United are the judges and that is the way it should be. It is their team. I am a guest. A privileged guest.

This season what has changed?

Man, I don’t know but I’m just so happy. So confident. I feel like everything I imagine on the pitch will come true and that feels awesome. I have worked hard on my fitness. So hard. I’m not a weights guy, I’m sure you can see by my body, but I have been trying even to work on that. I ran 6 miles every day during the off season. I watched one World Cup match, went for a run. Then watched another and went for another run. This was my routine.

Wow…you must be tired!

No man that’s the thing. This crowd at Old Trafford. The way I feel right now. I’m not tired. I feel alive. I have always said I am so lucky to play here. For these people. For this manager. For this club. With these players. I can’t describe it man.

It is showing. Keep it up Mitko. What will you do now. Will you watch your goals?

No. Noooooooo! I can’t watch myself. Even when I came off and everyone was applauding I felt so shy. I love it but I don’t know how to react to it. I’m going to go home. Play with my family and maybe watch a movie later. I can’t wait for training. How weird is that?!