Ian Brown, The Stone Roses frontman, doesn’t fancy England’s chances in the World Cup.

“I think it’ll end in tears,” Brown said. “Support Brazil from the start and you’ll be alright, you’ll still be laughing in the end. D’ya know what, I’ve never really backed England in anything, I’ve gotta be honest. Now, if it was a Republik of Mancunia team, I’d cancel the Belgium gig!”

Brown then goes on to talk about how brilliant Manchester is.

“We’ve got people from all over the world that live in Manchester but we all get on, don’t we?” said Brown. “There’s no black or white or Asian or gay or straight or young or old, we’re all part of the Republik of Mancunia. I think we’re the most forward looking city in the world in that attitude – more so than New York, way more so than London because people are dead tribal in London; we hang out together, they don’t do that in London. I’ve lived in 14 addresses across Manchester and I love it all. I love it.”