Steve Bruce has more or less suggested that Sunderland’s 20-year-old midfielder, Jordan Henderson, may very well join Manchester United sooner or later.

“Only once has Fergie talked about one of my players, and that was Valencia, and bugger me he bought him!” said Bruce. “He had spoken to me about him. ‘Keep me informed’ were his words, then he signed him. He has said the same about Jordan, but to be fair they have all asked to be kept informed. He has caught the eye because he is a very good player. If you are Chelsea, Manchester United, or Liverpool, there is a 20-year-old who is playing in the Premier League week in, week out. There are not many you can look at. He is a Sunderland player, and a Sunderland lad and we will do our utmost to keep him but we can never stop speculation. He has huge respect for this football club and he will do the right thing. Jordan has a good grounding.”