Steve Bruce believes that Gary Neville was the least talented of the group of players to come through to the first team in ’95 but his sheer determination to be a Manchester United player meant he worked hard enough to remain our first choice.

“It’s probably part of the Manchester United thing but no body can argue that he wasn’t single minded enough,” said Bruce. “Of all the young kids coming thorough at that time he was the least gifted of all of them but he had sheer determination to succeed. He’s played 85 times for his country and can you remember him having a bad game for England or Manchester United for that matter. He’s had a wonderful career and yet there is that stigma about him, it must be the Manchester United thing. Everybody knew that Phil was the most talented of the brothers but once he had the chance to get into the first team, he grasped it and never looked back. I don’t think anybody displaced him for the next ten, twelve, thirteen years.”