Over the past few weeks, reports have claimed that there are rifts in the dressing room between our players, most notably with Cristiano Ronaldo and others unhappy with Harry Maguire being captain. Several players have taken to social media to dismiss the legitimacy of these stories.

In the 4-2 win over Leeds at the weekend, Maguire scored the opening goal from a corner and was mobbed by his teammates in celebration.

Speaking with the media ahead of United’s Champions League game against Atletico on Wednesday, Bruno Fernandes has spoken out about media speculation and insists the players are United.

I don’t know what people mean by [these stories] honestly. I saw the goal of and I’m seeing Paul behind him sliding on his knees. I was slapping [Maguire’s] head and saying ‘how can you score with that big head?’. So, I think honestly it’s just people trying to complain and make stories about this club, because we know when someone talks about us they go around the world with their voice and that’s something they want. For us, it means nothing. We stick to the plan and we stick together. That’s the main thing – sticking together and winning together.

Since Ralf Rangnick’s first game in charge, only Manchester City have picked up more points than United, and Fernandes has spoken of how the players respect the new manager.

We have to follow what the manager and staff think is the best way for us and here at this club I never heard anyone complain about the tactics and I hope no one would do. That doesn’t respect the coach’s ideas because I think we have been doing so well since he arrived. We have more identity as a team.