Manchester United today confirmed that they have extended Bruno Fernandes’ current contract at the club until 2027. Since Bruno made his debut in January 2020, no Premier League midfielder has scored more goals, assisted more goals or created more chances.

Speaking to the club’s official website, the Portuguese player, who scored both goals to send his country to the World Cup this week, has spoken about what it means to him to play for United.

Obviously, I’m really happy, it’s been pretty good, the time that I’ve spent with the club and, as I said on the first day, it was a dream come true and it still is a dream. This will be a dream for me until my last day in the club. So I’m happy that my last day is longer, I have more time to be in the club, to enjoy it and to keep dreaming.

For me, it’s my home now. I feel like this is my home, it has to be. Here, I’m living my dream and I’ve been thinking of these moments that I’m living with the club for long, so I’m here now, I have to feel like this is my first home for now.

 I think, as I say I will repeat myself but, this was a dream since I was a kid, I was dreaming to play in the Premier League and, luckily for me, I could get both things that I dream about; playing Premier League for the club that I dream about. So, it’s still a dream, I want to keep dreaming, keep doing this that way and obviously it’s been true that there’s been many good things in the club, some bad things, but as life is, it’s hard and sometimes you don’t get what you want but I’m pretty sure I still have time to do what I dream.

Fernandes was asked whether there have been any moments that have particularly stood out for him since making the move to Old Trafford.

I think your first game is always important. I felt straight away the trust from the players, the staff, all the club and more importantly from the fans. Straight away, you arrive [and have your] first game in two days, and you have the fans singing your own song. That’s something special that probably doesn’t happen for too many players, you have to be aware that you arrive, it’s your dream and everything but they’re expecting something from you. I’ve been through really good moments with the club, and I think that game will mark me probably most and obviously my first goal against Watford too because it’s something that you wait for, scoring your first goal for your new club, hearing the fans singing your name after the first goal is something special.

United fans have been singing songs for Bruno, referencing his similar playing history to his idol and United legend Cristiano Ronaldo, from the moment he joined the club. He has spoken about how much this means to him.

As I said, when I arrived for my first game, two days after I signed my first contract, they are singing my song in the stadium. Straight away, you feel that this is a special place for you, that you belong to this club and that’s why. We know that the fans when we win will be more happy than when we lose but that’s football, that’s life, it will be always like that because as players we’re not as happy when we lose as when we win. You have to understand the fans’ side, but I feel the support from the fans since I arrive until now. It can be at moments that the fans are angry because you don’t score, you don’t assist, you don’t play well, but that’s normal, that’s football and you have to learn with that. They are every game in the stadium to support you so they can say you had a bad or a good game but next game, they’ll be there to support you, so you have to be happy for that, you have to feel that you are in a special position.

Fernandes also revealed that one of the motivations behind signing an extension is his belief that United can win trophies. Having reached several semi-finals and a final, they have come close, and he’s hoping that we can push on in the next few seasons.

I believe that the club will be back at the place it deserves to be, that’s why I signed a new deal. That’s why the new deal, we start to talk with the club a long time ago and one of the points I wanted to make was the club coming to me and not me going to the club and it’s something that makes me proud, makes me feel I’m doing the right things and the club think I deserve something new, they think that what they propose to me in the beginning is not at the same level. So, that is something that I want to be thankful to the club [for], for doing that and it shows if you do the right things, if you do the right work, you will have the rewards of that. For me, I had long talks with the club, not about the contract but about the future of the club because I want to be part of that if I stay. Obviously, now I’ve signed a new contract so I will stay, and I want to understand what the club wants. The club wants to win, the club wants to build something. From what they have told me, I believe that the club will be back in its standards, could be probably not next season at the standard that we want, but I think step by step, I think that the club will be back in the glorious days.

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