Paul Ince has taken time aside from his usual routine of the dole queue, followed by asking God why football is so racist, to give his opinion on Manchester United.

He correctly identifies the fact that the team at the top of the table isn’t even really playing that well yet. The odd performances aside, like our 5-0 thrashing of WBA and Stoke, or the easy 3-0 victory over Chelsea, United certainly haven’t been at their best.

Incey reckons this should worry Chelsea and Liverpool.

“I think the scary thing about it is the fact that Manchester United aren’t playing that well, and that’s worrying for the likes of Chelsea and Liverpool,” said Ince. “Normally, when United go one-up, they go on to win by two, three or four. They are not doing that, instead teams are given the chance to get back into games and aren’t taking those chances. Make no mistake, Manchester United have not got into top gear, except for the 5-0 win at The Hawthorns, where West Brom had a man sent off early doors. I think there’s a lot more to come from United. I thought if there was ever going to be a day when a team was going to have a go at Old Trafford, it was on Saturday. United looked a bit tentative with the defensive record up for grabs, but Everton didn’t do it. Nobody is playing particularly well in The Premier League, but where the others are dropping points, United keep picking up those one-nils.”

Don’t forget the sale!