Following Sir Alex Ferguson’s comments suggesting he wouldn’t sell a virus to Real Madrid, let alone Cristiano Ronaldo, their president, Ramon Calderon, has responded.

Whilst Gary Neville would beg to differ, Calderon plays the innocent card and insists they would never disrespect any club or player.

“Manchester United did not accept the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid this summer,” said Calderon. “From this moment Real Madrid focused on other objectives. It is absolutely false that there exists any agreement with Manchester United about this business, of which I am tired. The matter is totally dead and as such I don’t want to talk about it anymore.”

Calderon then went on to specifically address our manager, claiming he thought it was sad that Ferguson would talk about his club in such a way.

“Our club’s code of conduct does not include insults, contempt, or a lack of respect to our opponents,” he added. “Maybe for this reason Real Madrid are respected in all corners of the world. It is sad that a professional with the career of Mr Ferguson can make declarations like these, in addition to some of the other unfortunate things in the last few months. Despite that, Real Madrid will never respond with a lack of respect to Manchester United, to any of their directors, nor of course to their fans, for whom everyone has the greatest of respect.”