Former Manchester United striker, Frazier Campbell, has expressed his gratitude to our club ahead of playing against us on Sunday afternoon.

Campbell has scored 7 goals in all competitions this season after making the £6m switch from United in the summer.

“I’m very thankful for the time I had at United,” said Campbell. “They are a great club and I learned a lot there. United made me the player I am today. But at the same time it’s about my career now so I want to keep progressing and get to that next level as a footballer. They are a great team, it should be a great occasion and I’m happy to play against them. It should be a good game.”

Campbell has admitted that whilst he would be professional if presented with an opportunity to score, he doesn’t relish the opportunity of possibly standing in the way of us winning the league.

“I will probably walk back to the halfway line and try to pretend it never happened,’’ he continued. “There’s no chance of me taking my shirt off or anything like that. I may be a United fan but first and foremost I’m a Sunderland player so there’s no way I would miss on purpose or anything like that. But if I score, it will be a weird sensation. It could stop them winning the title. Now that’s what I call pressure!’’