Hull chariman, Paul Duffen, is letting Frazier Campbell know just how badly the club are interested in signing him. After United had accepted a £6million bid for the young striker, Campbell’s father insisted no decision had been made yet.

However, Duffen reckons that moving to Hull would be in Campbell’s best interests.

“We have to convince him coming to Hull City is the best thing for his career,” Duffen said. “I believe the next step for Fraizer is to be at Hull City, where he’ll get a start every week and the opportunity to score goals in the Premier League. That’s what he needs next on his CV, in my opinion. I hope that his previous spell here has some resonance with Fraizer, but like any young professional footballer, he will have ambitions which are his ultimate goal. You don’t go from the start to your ultimate goal in one step and you need to take many steps on that path.”