It’s 4pm. United and Chelsea fans should be enjoying a massive fixture which could hugely shape the way the rest of the season would go.

As it is, we have no game to enjoy, with Chelsea Football Club making the decision to postpone the game 29 hours ahead of kick off.

Daniel Taylor, The Guardian, reported at the time of postponement that conditions outside Stamford Bridge were “not bad at all”, “only slushy” and “pavements well gritted”.

A police spokesman said: ‘There were concerns over public safety. Clubs liaise with the police in the run-up to a game and are in regular contact. The final decision is made by the club.’

United were happy to travel and had planned to take the 2.34pm train from Manchester Piccadilly, as the trains from Manchester to London were running yesterday, they are still running today. The only Tube line which is closed is Waterloo and City (Stamford Bridge is on the District line).

The picture above is from a street four minutes drive from Stamford Bridge. Would it really be a danger for fans to be travelling around in these conditions?

Lots of games in London were called off yesterday, so if we were playing then and it was called off, then we’d just have to accept that was how it was. But the point is we weren’t playing until 4pm today, so why did the decision on the game need to be made at midday yesterday?

If this morning CFC felt the conditions were too dangerous after their consultation with the police, then fair enough. But as the pictures show and the public transport confirm, there is no reason why the game couldn’t have been played tonight.

The majority of the stadium would be filled with Londoners, who didn’t need any advance warning. The vast majority of those coming from Manchester wouldn’t have set off until this morning anyway, so where is the logic in making such an early decision?

It begs the question, if Chelsea were top of the league with a game in hand, if they were playing well, if their most effective players were fit and in good form and if United were playing badly, would they have cancelled the game at midday yesterday or would they have waited until this morning?

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