Record breaking isn’t something United tend to go in for. We don’t have the season unbeaten like Arsenal or the ridiculously good home record like Chelsea did. We’ve won a shit load of trophies over the past twenty years or so, but never seem to smash any records along the way. If we win the title this season, we will be equalling a record, of course, but in terms of going unbeaten, United don’t do it. We will usually win more than our rivals (we won 17 of our 19 home games last season, losing one, whilst Chelsea went unbeaten, winning just 12) but we’ll tend to slip up somewhere along the way.

Tonight, we have the chance at setting a record, but is it United’s scene?

If we manage not to concede against West Brom tonight, we will smash Chelsea’s record of going 10 league games without conceding from 04-05 season, after equalling the record last weekend.

Do you think we’ll do it and do you care?