Eric Cantona isn’t impressed with how Mario Balotelli celebrates on the field, claiming he should be more spontaneous.

Ridiculous myths circulate about the City striker, often with the press referring to the most mundane of actions as “madcap” and “bizarre”. This week Balotelli was asked to remove the hood from his hoodie at the Trafford Centre and this somehow was deemed newsworthy by the Evening News. The week before, Balotelli went to a cafe in Maidenhead and ate lunch which The Mirror thought was worth a mention.

Cantona finds Balotelli’s actions on the field, with his nonchalent expression after scoring and t-shirt messages predictable and boring.

“I dreamt of being a footballer, of doing great things, of crying and laughing after a victory, of exploding with joy. It is about spontaneity,” he said. “I never had anything on a T-shirt, never calculated anything. Every action is unique, every reaction unique.”