Manchester City captain, Carlos Tevez, has repeatedly criticised our city since signing for the blues. He won’t be taking part in this weekend’s Charity Shield, having been given extended leave by his club.

“There’s nothing to do in Manchester,” Tevez recently said. “There’s two restaurants and everything’s small. It rains all the time, you can’t go anywhere. You can buy a house in Marbella and take a vacation. I will not return to Manchester, not for vacation, not anything.”

Manchester United legend, Eric Cantona, has had a dig at Tevez, claiming he can’t understand how anyone wouldn’t like the city.

“I had a great time in Manchester,” the former United striker said. “I cannot understand anyone not liking it, though I suppose it depends on where they come from and why they are here. The most important thing for me was always to play, and if you are at one of the best clubs in the world then you should enjoy it. As a professional footballer the greatest time you have is on the pitch, but I loved the city as well, the club and the people.”