Eric Cantona has enjoyed a bit of a comeback, being linked with the manager’s job at United as well as featuring in a film dedicated to him and new advert on the telly. His most recent example of stardom comes thanks to Coronation Street.

There are apparently lots of reds on set, which has lead to Cantona’s famous seagull quote being incorporated in to the script, in a conversation between characters Steve McDonaldo and Eileen Grimshaw.

Cantona has put himself in the spotlight again today though, giving his opinion on the Ronaldo transfer saga.

“Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player in the world right now,” Cantona said. “He is a genuine artist. His style of play fits Manchester United’s very well, and the reverse is also true. It is pleasing to see such harmony. As for him wanting to join Real Madrid, I don’t really know his personality. Maybe he has valid reasons that drive him to leave United. He is still young, and so maybe he wants to take on fresh challenges. I can understand if this is the reason why he wants to leave for Real. But if he were to leave because of something else, I think he would be doing something absolutely bloody stupid.”