Manchester United legend, Eric Cantona, is currently director of football at New York Cosmos, but has admitted that if the opportunity to manage United came about, he would have no hesitation in accepting.

“I would say, ‘United is special, of course I would do it’,” he said. “Today I’m with the New York Cosmos. But if one day there is an opportunity, why not? Like diving from here to the sea, watching, speaking to the fish, octopus, crabs, journalists. I just need to express myself whatever I do, I just need to find something to express myself. Today it is acting, tomorrow it could be something else.”

However, Cantona doesn’t think the manager’s position at United will be available any time soon.

“Alex Ferguson is young, has so much energy, so much love of the game, so many things to give, more and more and more,” he added. “And I love to watch them winning things and I want Ferguson to be manager for ever. He’s a winner, that’s why he has won so many things. It’s what is incredible with him, next game is like the first game of his career, and he gives you that – his passion, his love of the game, love of winning things.”