Wayne Rooney is flavour of the month for England at the moment, following a spell of hype surrounding his under form performances. There was plenty of talk of how long he’d gone without a goal, in terms of time, not matches, as that painted him in the worst light.

Despite improving with every season since he came to United, in terms of goals scored and assisted, he faces a lot of flack from the media at times. Sometimes it’s deserved, often it’s over the top nonsense.

However, despite how highly everyone seems to rate Rooney again, Capello thinks there is still room for improvement.

“It is possible for Rooney to be better,” said Capello. “I spoke with him when I first became England manager and told him technically he was very good. There are no problems with the head or feet. But when he arrives in front of the goal, sometimes he shoots too quickly. He has to be more patient, take things more slowly and understand what is happening around him. Then he will get more goals. Wayne is an extraordinary player. He can play left or right and still scores goals.”