Wayne Rooney is an obvious target for criticism in this country and he gets more than his fair share. Whether talking about his temperament or his performance, Rooney is put in the spotlight and is heavily scrutinised.

However, it appears as though new England manager, Fabio Capello, is on Rooney’s side. He has previously stated that our young forward is capable of becoming England captain one day, saying,“he is a leader, he is a good example on the pitch.”

Yesterday, Capello was asked what he thought of Rooney, to which he responded positively, championing our player.

Reports in the press last week suggested that Rooney was eager to have children, although of course, that could be crap. However, it certainly seems as though he is ready to grow up a bit, if his commitment to Colleen is anything to go by. Just like we’ve seen an improved man in Rio Ferdinand since settling down and having kids, Capello seems to think married life will have a similar effect on Wayne.

“I don’t think it will be a problem,” Capello said. “Rooney is just married, he will be better now. They find a balance when they are married.”

With Capello failing to take the bait and criticise Rooney, the media pressed further, asking the manager what he thought about Rooney’s supposed smoking habit.

“Many of my friends among the players smoked,” responded Capello. “It’s a part of life and, with Rooney, a part of his private life, too. It really depends on whether he is smoking five, or twenty.”

With people like Capello and Sir Alex Ferguson on Rooney’s side, he’s certainly got positive influences that should only get the best out of our player. It has to be said that it makes a nice change to hear such a positive report on Rooney though!