Wayne Rooney England tattooThe talk concerning United’s future captain has been rife this season, with Gary Neville at times looking as though his career was over and Ryan Giggs, the vice-captain, not getting any younger. Rio Ferdinand is the obvious replacement, taking the armband whenever both these players aren’t on the field. However, Wayne Rooney got to have a go as captain when United travelled to Rome for the group stage match in the Champions League, after mythering Ferguson to give him the opportunity.

Rio Ferdinand was the latest player Fabio Capello has entrusted with the England captaincy, which was met with much agreement from the rags. Ferdinand had his name dragged through the dirt not so long ago, the press more than happy to make a villain of him, but every paper had something positive to say about Ferdinand when the captaincy was announced, most of them tipping him to be awarded the captaincy permanently.

However, Capello has today said that Wayne Rooney has the qualities to be captain and is the best young English talent.

“Wayne Rooney is young but I believe in the future he could be captain of England one day,” said Capello. “He is a leader, he is a good example on the pitch. We need to give him a bit more time to get some more experience and mature a bit. The good thing is he has got a big margin of improvement ahead of him. I am undecided who will be captain for the next game. But I do believe Rooney could one day be captain. He is the most talented young English player. He is very good at everything.”

What are the chances of seeing Rio Ferdinand leading out both United and England, only to pass on both responsibilities to Rooney in a few years time?