It’s not often you seen United go a couple of goals down. It felt weird watching the match last night and seeing that happen. Of course, it was fully deserved, we were dreadful at times, but it was still an odd feeling.

Had we won, I would have been pleased. You always want your team to win and it’s always nice to see your players lift trophies. But given the choice between a victory tonight and a win against the dippers in the fortnight’s time, it would be the latter every time. Course, it would be nice to see Sir Alex Ferguson add another trophy to his name, but I’d guess even he would prefer another victory over the scousers. Plus, every point matters in the Premiership.

Whilst the rest of our team seemed rather under-awed by the occasion, there was one man playing his heart out.

A few eyebrows were raised when it was announced that Carlos Tevez would make his stay permanent with a £32 million price tag. Whilst he’d been good for us last season, did he really warrant the tag of the most all-time most expensive Premiership player?

Tevez, who hasn’t let the game and fortune go to his head, worked his bollocks off in the pre-season. This is a man who has obvious scarring on his neck, yet has turned down surgery because he wants to remember where he came from. He suffered third degree burns on his face, neck and chest after an accident involving boiling water when he was a child. Boca Juniors offered to pay for the surgery, but he turned them down, claiming the scars were part of who he was in the past, and who he is today.

When United won the Community Shield, Tevez’s celebration looked like a re-enactment of our glorious night in Moscow. He loves to play football and he loves to win. It doesn’t matter if it’s a friendly, a league game, a cup game, a final. He wants to be on the winning side and will give everything to ensure that happens.

It would be fair to say our lads looked fairly disinterested yesterday. They didn’t really show up. Whilst enjoying superior possession, as well as shots on and off target and passing completion, we were dominated for large chunks of the match. Of course, we countered that with our own periods of domination, but it wasn’t enough.

Yet throughout it all, Carlos Tevez gave everything he had. Good shots from distance, brilliant passes and important tackles filled his performance. He was immense.

MEN: Zipped around Monaco like a Formula 1 car. Easily United’s man of the match 9

The Sun: Tevez worked his socks off to try and deliver the silverware but there was little support from his team-mates 8

The Telegraph: Tevez, again terrific, buzzed around in support of the front-running Wayne Rooney. With 17 minutes remaining, Rooney lifted the ball from right to left, weighting it perfectly to reach Tevez at the far-post. Admirably composed, Tevez controlled the ball with his left foot, and then rolled it back for Vidic to score with a firm, low shot.

The Guardian: United were slow to the ball and short of ideas in attack. Carlos Tevez was the exception, playing indefatigably, yet this is a strange time for Rooney, who had another peripheral game.

Last night wasn’t our finest hour, not by a long shot, but it was respectable enough. But Tevez’s performance shone.

I seriously cannot wait to see what Tevez will produce this season. He looks absolutely brilliant, much more than the great player he was last season, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was stealing the headlines in the way Cristiano Ronaldo was last season.