Michael Carrick has been one of United’s best players this season which has been crucial given how many injuries we’ve had in midfield.

Whilst he has often been on the receiving end of criticism since joining the club, Carrick insists all he’s bothered about is what Sir Alex Ferguson and his team mates think of him.

“Yeah, I’m happy with my form but I won’t be happy if we finish second in the league,” Carrick told the official site. “You have good spells and bad spells during the season and, overall, I’m happy with my form. But it’s not about individual recognition to me. All I care about is playing for this club and winning things. I want to be appreciated by my team-mates and the manager – anybody else’s opinion is irrelevant, to be honest. If I feel I’m playing well and winning things then that’s great. And if the manager thinks I’m playing well and selects me in the team that’s even better. Nothing else matters. To be honest, people’s opinions change so often. One week you’re the greatest player ever, the next week they want you sold. You can’t take too much notice of it.”