Following Manchester City’s defeat at Stamford Bridge yesterday, United are now within two points of the top.

Michael Carrick has claimed that he is happy with our current position and reckons we’ll be even better off come the new year.

“City have set the standard and not dropped many points but there’s a cluster of clubs behind them which we’re heading up, so we’re quite happy with the way things have gone,” said Carrick. “Of course we’d prefer to be on top but we’re actually in a better position than last season and, hopefully, we’ll be even closer to them come the end of the year.”

Compared with last year
After 15 games, United were on 31 points last season with a goal difference of 19. We were top of the table, 2 points clear of Arsenal and Chelsea, and 5 points clear of City.

After 15 games this season, United are on 36 points with a goal difference of 21.