Michael Carrick was shown a red card in Manchester United’s 3-2 victory over AC Milan at the San Siro last night, although it took a while for anyone to work out why.

The referee believed that our midfielder had intentionally kicked the ball away to waste time so produced a second yellow, which will keep Carrick out for the return leg.

“It was very soft to be honest,” said Carrick. “It rolled at me and I flicked it into Pat’s path as he’s ran past me. It wasn’t as if there was a player from their team trying to get it and it didn’t slow the game down in any way. I was just shocked really, to be honest.”

Asked if he spoke to the referee about the incident, Carrick replied: “What can you say really? He said it was for kicking the ball away, but I don’t believe I kicked the ball away to be honest. I didn’t slow the game down in any way, I was just surprised more than anything.”