Michael Carrick is enjoying one of his best seasons at the club and after almost seven years believes that we are the perfect club for him.

“Yeh, I’d have to say that,” Carrick said when asked if United were the perfect club for him. “For me it’s the best club. Just everything about it. The principles of football, how you’re expected to play and how we try and play. To play football here day in day out is a dream. I’m very lucky.”

With Carrick turning 32 this summer he may soon have to start to think about the end of his career. He hopes that he can spend the rest of his playing days at United but is aware that things can change quickly in football and he may have to leave at some point.

“In an ideal world, yeh, course, because what a football club this is and not many people walk away from this place,” he said. “But at the same time, I’m not 32 yet, so who knows? You never know what football is going to throw up. They might say to me at some point ‘thank you but I think it’s time for you to move on’ and that’s how football is. But I hope not because I love this place.”