Following John Terry’s ludicrous suggestion that Manchester United’s young team had already peaked and had no room for improvement, Michael Carrick has hit back at the Chelsea cry-baby.

It stands to reason that a team with so many talented youngsters, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Carlos Tevez, Anderson and Nani, will continue to improve with every passing season. These players have yet to hit their personal peak, so to suggest as a team there is nothing left to give is rather foolish.

“Personally I want to keep improving, be successful and win more things,” Carrick said. “Hopefully, that will drive us on to more success this season. It is harder in the sense that all the other teams have improved and are getting better. We’ve been champions two years on the spin and are even more of a scalp, so teams are really up for it. We managed to overcome that challenge last season and that success drives you on. I think we will improve this season, as well as other teams and it’s who can do it over the course of a season. We’ve managed to do it the past couple of years and it’s the test to do it again.”

Our 27-year-old midfielder also left the door open for a repeat success in Europe, like other United players, setting that as our goal.

“The big clubs are always going to be in there towards the end of the season and it is really tough,” he added. “Those type of things are won and lost on really small things, as we saw in the final last year so you need that bit of luck. We’ve shown we can do it once, so we will try to do it again. If we were to do it again this season, two years in a row, it would be absolutely incredible. But we’ve got to perform and see how far it takes us.”