Ahead of our League Cup semi-final clash with Manchester City, Michael Carrick has ranked it as the lowest priority for United, whose aim he believes is to win the the Premiership and the Champions League.

“Our first aim in 2010 is to win the league again,” said Carrick. “It’s always been the first thing we’ve set out to do and to win four in a row would be amazing. Then there’s the Champions League. Given how tough it is to be successful, our record over the last few years has been very good. We also want to do well in the Carling Cup. We want to get our hands on as much as possible. This season has been strange with some odd results. But it’s a vital time, the manager has stressed that to us, although most of us have been here before. We know how important it is. It’s always three more vital points or the next round of a cup, so every game becomes more important.”