Whatever people want to say about Old Trafford, the atmosphere is fine. It’s not brilliant but it’s not shit, and it has steadily improved over the past few seasons, after a pretty dire spell about five years ago.

After the 4-1 battering against Liverpool, plenty of people were off early. Those that stayed sung the lads off the pitch though. If we can sing of the love for our team on one of the darkest days in recent times for the club, then it’s ridiculous to think we don’t sing on a weekly basis.

Michael Carrick has today backed the supporters, thanking the fans for the support we’ve given them through the games when they aren’t playing well.

“They can play a huge part in every game,” Carrick said. “The matches in which things aren’t going quite so well are the ones they pull you through. It’s easy for supporters to get a bit frustrated in those games, but our fans are always behind us which gives you a big lift. They can make Old Trafford very intimidating for opposition teams as well – I’m always glad to be playing for us when the fans are really up for it.”