When Liverpool slipped down the table and stopped playing in the Champions League, Manchester United fans were always keen to remind them of their fall from grace. “Thursday nights, channel five” we would chant, referring to when and where Europa League matches could be watched.

Liverpool then became so bad they couldn’t even get in to the Europa League anymore, making the chant fairly redundant.

However, our fans had reason to sing it again after United failed to make it out of the Champions League group this season. In the following game we put four past Wolves and after every goal the Stretford End sang the song, taking the piss out of ourselves.

Unsurprisingly, other fans have used our own chant with a stick to beat us with, but the more amusing occasions are when its fans of clubs who have never seen their team play in Europe.

Carrick says he understands that rival fans will take the piss but that doesn’t put the players off wanting to win it.

“The reaction is understandable,” said Carrick. “But we are professionals and we are in this tournament, playing for this great club. It doesn’t take much motivation from the players’ point of view. It is a competition we want to win. We are still desperate to go as far as we would do in the Champions League.”