Casemiro has had a difficult season for Manchester United, struggling to find the great form of his debut campaign at the club.

More recently, he has been playing in the centre of defence, as United’s injury crisis continues. Against Arsenal, he was slow to jog back on side, allowing Arsenal’s only goal in a 1-0 win. In the following game against Newcastle, he performed better, and even cleared off the line in our 3-2 win.

Casemiro has reflected on his new temporary position and insisted he will play wherever the manager asks him to.

I mean I’ve done it probably two or three times, in my time at Real Madrid, playing centre-half. But everyone knows that I am a central midfielder. It’s not a role that I like to do but, you know what, I do it with the absolute best will in the world.

As soon as the manager asks the question: ‘Would you be able to play in that role?’ Of course, I would. Absolutely. I do it to help the team, the manager, the clubs, the fans. That is what you do. And I do it, as I say, because I’m delighted to help out if I can.

I know it’s something which, you use the word ‘adapted’, and it’s something that I’ve tried to do to help the side but, yeah, I’m a central midfield player. All my life, all my career. Obviously, that is where I prefer to play.

Casmiro acknowledges that he may make mistakes but that he’s doing everything he can to help his teammates.

Everyone knows I’m not a centre-half. I’m a holding midfielder, that is what I’ve been all my life but my philosophy is you know when you’re in a team, you do things to help that team and help your team-mates out. That’s the key.

There are different types of leaders. You know, there are leaders who show and lead by example. I guess that’s maybe what I’ve been doing. Leading by example. I mentioned before that the manager asked me to fulfil that role in defence and I did it with great pleasure.

You know there might be the odd error because I’m not a centre-half but it’s still doing your best for my team-mates. I know they’ve been going all out and trying really hard to help me out there on the field in this new role.