Manchester United fans could hardly believe it when reports started to claim that Casemiro was swapping Real Madrid for United. The world-class defensive midfielder, with five Champions League titles to his name, was ready for a new challenge at, what he calls, the biggest club in the country.

It’s the biggest club in England. It’s the club with the most amount of titles. So, I’m really happy and just can’t wait to get going.

The Premier League is a dream to play in. It’s a wonderful league. The respect that fans have for players, the players have for fans, the players with the referees, the referees with the players, the passion of the clubs… when go from the airport to the city, you feel that the city has football in the air and I think that stadium also speaks for itself. The ground breathes football and I’m delighted to be here.

Unlike his wife and children, Casemiro has yet to learn English, but says he is determined to speak the language so he can show his teammates that he is one of them.

My wife speaks English. I have a seven-year-old daughter and a one-year-old son. So they speak a bit better English than me. I’m truly sorry to you and all of the United fans that I don’t speak English, but I want to study, I want to learn as soon as possible so that I can learn about English culture, to learn English and speak to my friends, my teammates, all the club staff and I want to show them I’m one of them.

Casemiro had a look around Old Trafford on Monday night, ahead of our 2-1 win over Liverpool, and can’t wait to play in the ground.

I think looking at the stadium like this. I’m upset I can’t play in an important game like today. So, first I want the players to know that I will be with them on the field. That we all win together. And I think it’s a lovely ground, that atmosphere it creates, that’s really important so I’m really excited to be here, I can’t tell you how happy I am, really, and I think the fans will also be very important for us, helping us on to win games, and if we win games we will win titles.

It’s a footballing country… I feel it’s a footballing nation and what I like most about England is the respect the fans have with the players and that’s the most important thing.