After being introduced to Manchester United fans on the pitch ahead of our 2-1 win over Liverpool on Monday, the club’s official site has published the first interview with Casemiro since signing from Real Madrid.

The experienced defensive midfielder spoke about how he felt to have joined the club.

There’s no doubt I’m really excited. I’ve been very warmly welcomed. I’ve already felt that special affection from everyone towards me and of course that’s really important. I felt that great affection from the moment I arrived and I think it’s a new challenge. I’m absolutely delighted. I feel like I’m 20 or 18 years of age, I’m raring to go, I’m excited to be amongst my teammates, playing in the stadium and I think that it’s just huge excitement and I’m absolutely delighted.

As a 15-year-old, Casemiro played in the Nike Cup at Old Trafford, and discussed how it feels to be back.

We know there’s a great deal of history here. It’s a club that has a lot of history, not just the stadium but the club as well. It has won everything and I want to meet my teammates and help the team and I’m one more player at Manchester United.

I’m coming back here, 15 years later. I don’t know whether many people know this but I played in a competition here when I was 15, When I was at São Paulo, and you have that film that runs through your mind that 15 years later you come back here to play for Manchester United and not in your wildest dreams would you imagine yourself playing here. Obviously when I played in that Nike Cup I would have liked to come here and now that I’m here again I’m the happiest man alive and I can’t wait to produce on the pitch and help out my teammates and to help Manchester United to win games and to go on to win trophies.

Casemiro talked of his desperation to get out on the pitch and repay the affection he has been shown since signing.

From the very first moment the Manchester United directors have been great with me and that’s what I needed. They showed me a lot of affection and I want to show, as soon as possible, in training in games… Because of this affection they’ve shown towards me, by signing me… that’s why I want to get going now. I can’t wait to start.