Casemiro has played alongside some world class players during his career so far, but when asked by the club’s official website which players he admired the most when growing up, he named Paul Scholes and Zinedine Zidane.

Well, there are many players… I think there are players that you remember in your life. So, in terms of idols in this position my idol growing up was always Zidane, here at Manchester United it was always Paul Scholes. He’s a player that was small but he got stuck in, he was a fighter, he gave everything on the pitch. His passing over 50 to 70 metres was incredible. Manchester United have always [had] good players in that position.

Carrick was also a great player so I think that Manchester United have always had good players in that position and in midfield.

The little guy [Scholes] was very good and what I loved about him when he played was that he was small but he went in hard and fair.

You could count on him [Scholes] but in that team, you had Rio Ferdinand, Van der Sar, lots of players. Cris, Cristiano himself was here too…

Manchester United is a historic club and it will always be a historic club so it’s an honour for me to be here.

Casemiro was asked which of his new current teammates he is most looking forward to play alongside but he didn’t want to single anybody out.

I know that there are a lot of players with a lot of ability and it’s difficult to name players but I want to play alongside all of them. I know they are very talented players, players that work very hard and I’ll be one more of them and I want to help my teammates, I hope they help me, too and that we carry on this beautiful history together.