Edinson Cavani’s time at Manchester United has come to an end and he has spoken to the club’s official site about his feelings towards the fans.

After enjoying a great debut season, scoring 17 goals in all competitions, he went off the boil this year and it felt like he was unavailable more often than not. He ended the season with just two goals and hasn’t scored since December.

The striker acknowledges that his contribution this season hasn’t been good enough but has nothing but kind words for the supporters.

I sincerely have nothing but words of gratitude towards the fans and supporters of Manchester United. Honestly, they have shown me a lot of respect from the very first moment I arrived. I think they’ve greatly recognised all the hard work I’ve always tried to put in in the best way possible, giving my best for this team. I really am very grateful, and I’ll be leaving here with a happy memory of that affection they showed me and always displayed.

I wanted to contribute more this season. One of the things that has left me with a slightly bitter taste is that when we had a highly enjoyable and pretty decent [2020/21] season, we weren’t able to have the supporters along with us. And now, this season, with the fans coming back into the grounds and stadiums, I haven’t really been able to have the kind of campaign, if I’m being honest, on a personal front that I would really have liked. Where I would have been able to score the kind of goals I did last season, and then be celebrating them a bit more with the fans – the kind of stuff that it’s great for a forward or a striker to be doing. But I want to sincerely thank the fans from the bottom of my heart, because they have always shown me a lot of affection, and that is very important for a footballer.